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After a coffee meeting in Green Park, I found myself facing the conundrum breastfeeding mums find themselves faced with frequently: the next feed is fast approaching and I am 40 minutes from home. Do I make the dash back to West Hampstead and weather the unfriendly stares of fellow bus passengers as Rafa screams his way home, or do I find a breastfeeding friendly coffee shop? Of course, all coffee shops are theoretically ‘breastfeeding friendly’ on legal grounds, but when faced with a crowd of Mayfair office workers, ‘sore thumb’ is the phrase that comes to mind. My own rumbling stomach saw me opt for the second option, but cutting my losses in Mayfair, I marched speedily to the yummy mummy heartland of Marylebone High Street, straight into the welcoming arms of The Natural Kitchen.

Here I knew I would find a quiet table at the back, and perhaps even more importantly, a disabled toilet with a baby change, because Mummies need to go too! Should any doubts remain that mums and babies are welcome, the presence of various organic baby foods on sale should go some way to dispelling them. The food was less impressive than the amenities. Their salad selection is the crowd puller, but at my past few visits, the choice of salads has been thin, dominated by grains with a notable absence of fresh vegetables. I ordered falafel and hummus, accompanied by a barley concoction and a carrot and cabbage salad. The falafel was reheated and lacked the crispiness they have when fresh, they were also a little dry. The barley salad was nondescript and marred by pieces of an unidentifiable hard rubbery cheese.

The carrot and red cabbage salad however was tasty and added a pleasant crunch to the meal, if it was a little uninspired. And though I did not indulge my cake habit this time, previous experiences make me keen to return for a sweet treat, though I will probably give the salad a miss next time.

Mummy friendly score –10/10

Food – 5/10

Rafa contentment score – 5/5 (helped by the presence of milk)


The Natural Kitchen, 77-78 Marylebone High Street, W1U 5JX



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