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With the birth of our first baby, Rafael, a new life unfolded. One that launched me into a world of papaya puree, baby sleep routines, and evenings semi-comatose in front of the TV. It seemed that sampling the highs and lows of London’s food scene would be replaced by family friendly (read, quick and easy) shepherds’ pie and spaghetti bolognese. This self-confessed foodie, however, was not to be defeated by tricky baby logistics . Spur of the moment dinners are out of the question, but a world of lunchtime eating has been opened up. Gone are the days of post-work cocktails, but an afternoon cake stop provides much needed new mummy fuel. And don’t forget the babysitter for those much needed evening jaunts (planned in advance of course). And so I have begun the task of mining London’s culinary depths, accessing all that is on offer to the Capital’s mums.

Here you’ll find café and restaurant reviews, along with tales of culinary inspiration that kicks in when the baby goes to bed, and musings on recipes, kitchen gadgets, and anything else that might find its way into the life of a gastromummy. But one thing I promise, puree is well and truly banished.


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